About Us

CRV’s came about  with the purpose of offering good quality at friendly prices because we were tired of finding good quality at very high prices or very low prices with poor quality. 


CRV’s was created from the need to offer women a garment that will make them feel comfortable with their own bodies. 


We perfectly understand that every body is different. What we aspire to is that you feel in love with how you look.


Our commitment is to offer you the best quality, comfort, designs at friendly prices &  delivery time, no matter where you live.




CRV’s is  focused on always offering the best quality in our garments to even more accentuate your beauty and your curves. 


To always make you feel empowered. 


Always hand in hand with friendly prices. 


Accompanying you every step of the way, making CRV's part of your life.




To be a company characterised by always being at the forefront of every garment, offering innovation and high quality maintenance at affordable prices. 


Making CRV's part of every woman willing to highlight their curves even more.




Quality is the basis of our ideology. That is why we are committed to ensuring that all our products meet the highest standards in both raw materials and in production, sale and customer service.


Respect represents a policy of greater importance in the company:

  • We respect the environment by offering animal-free clothing. CRV's will never use leather or any material related to animal abuse. 
  • A respectful work environment is part of each of the CRV’s team.
  • We treat our customers with respect on prices, delivery times & customer service.


Honesty goes hand in hand with Respect. In CRV’s, honesty is reflected in each of the garments, offering high quality at friendly prices, being consistent with our mission.